Woman vs Finnish

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The past two months have felt like I’ve been in the boxing ring with Finnish…yes, the language! Unfortunately, I do not hold the Finnish language in the same high regards as I do Finnish people. Finns are friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. The Finnish language is confusing, has words that are miles long, and the second you think you’ve found a pattern and could possibly be having that “ah-ha” moment, it goes and completely changes on you! It’s THE hardest language to learn! I mean Rosetta Stone offers Swahili, but not Finnish?!?! That says a lot, don’t you think!?!

Finnish – 1. Woman – 0. Finnish, we’ll continue meeting in the boxing ring! Even if it takes me a lifetime (which it will!), I will one day, knock you out!



  1. Nea

    Don’t you worry, you’ll get the hang of it! In my opinion it is best just to try to speak the language, no matter how badly. Finns don’t mind, we just think it’s cute when someone is trying to speak finnish. I had a german friend who learned to speak almost perfect finnish in just six months! So it’s definitely possible. Kyllä se siitä :))

  2. Adrienne

    I must say, I think it’s great that you moved to Finland! Soooo awesome.

    I have family there near Helsinki, and have visited once in April of this year.

    I only know a few words, Kiitos (favorite word), Moi, moi moi, you know, the important ones! haha.

    I currently live in Germany and try to learn their language here. But it is WAY less crazy than Finnish. lol.

    Very best of luck to you! I will be keeping up with your blog and living through you. Haha, I hope to one day when we’re not attached with the US Army to move from country to country. 😀 I envy.

    • The Honorary Finn

      Thanks, Adrienne!! I hear Germany is beautiful! I have yet to go anywhere in Germany, but I’m hoping we’ll make it at least to Berlin soon! Best of luck with learning German, I feel your pain 😉

      • 1adriennerose

        Oh!! I haven’t been to Berlin, not 100% sure if I want to yet or not. I like the small towns in Germany! Germany is pretty amazing! I live in Bavaria, I hear they do things a little differently down here than compared to northern Germany. I totally recommend visiting these parts!

        Great flight options for cheap through RyanAir and Bravofly!

      • The Honorary Finn

        Awesome! Thanks for the flight recommendations! I’ve heard great things about Bavaria, it’s definitely on the list of places to visit! And I bet it’s amazing during the holidays!

      • Adrienne

        Oh yes!! Even the small towns have Christmas Markets!! I’ll be going to ours this weekend, if you want to pop on over to my blog at some point to check it out! I hope to go to a couple this year! I only went to two last year. But, they’re all sooooo, the same kind of. But they always have mugs that say the city and year! And GLÜHVEIN is DELICIOUS. Do they have something like that in Finland? (hot spiced wine?).

      • The Honorary Finn

        YES, in Finland, they have what is called Glögi! It’s so good, I can’t wait to have some! And we add vodka to it, that’s sure to keep us warm during these cold months! I can’t wait to see your Christmas market photos on your blog!

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