My name is Diana and I have become an honorary Finn through marriage. I met my Finnish wife almost four years ago and it was like being reborn…as a Finn.

I’ll be honest, before meeting my wife, I never really knew much about Finland aside from it being a dot on the map. How could I have never known about this little treasure of a country until now (well, almost four years ago!)?

This blog will take you through my journey into how I’ve become an honorary Finn. I’ll share my experiences, feelings and explorations of Finland. I’ll write about my daily interactions with people, learning the language (which will be a life-long process since it’s insanely difficult and it’s not like any other language…well, the “closest” is Hungarian! Luckily, there are numerous Finnish class offerings for beginners), culture…pretty much my complete immersion in the Finnish way of life!

Under the tab – EMAILS WITH APPIUKKO, you will find emails (past and present) between me, my in-laws (Appiukko & Anoppi-puoli) and an online language translator. My in-laws don’t speak English and I don’t speak Finnish. We have to communicate somehow, right?!…

I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do!


  1. Ligia Houben

    What a concept! I am looking forward to learn more about Finlandia! Especially now that my daughter will be living over there!

    I wish you much happiness and great success with your blog!



  2. Marcella Rousseau

    The only thing I know about Helsinki is from the movie, “Night on Earth” which is one of my favorite movies. Have you seen it? It’s a 5-vignette movie with a taxi in each one. Roberto Begnini is in one vignette. The 5 cities in the movie were NY, Hollywood, Rome, Paris, and Helsinki. I didn’t get the Helsinki vignette. I didn’t understand why it was included in the movie with the others even though I’ve seen it many times. Maybe you can give me a clue? I believe it was actually filmed there. The director was Jim Jarmusch.

  3. Franciska

    Dear Diana, I found this blog yesterday and it was nice to read your posts. You made my day. 🙂 I live in Hungary but hopefully I will be in the same situation soon, since we are planning to move to Helsinki with my Finnish boyfriend this year. I will follow you and congrats for this blog. 🙂

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