Welcome Home, Luna!!

Good morning, mommies!

I’ve presented hundreds of ideas to Wife. Ideas ranging from multiple career alternatives to going back to school for additional degrees to moving apartments to finding the perfect dining room table for a New York City apartment the size of a shoe box. Usually, she’ll let me sit with whatever new idea I have for three days so I can think it through and if I’m still thinking or talking about it after the three days are up, then we’ll discuss it further; but more often than not, I realize it was a dumb idea or completely unrealistic. What can I say? I’m a dreamer and always looking for the next best thing.

Well, there are a handful of ideas that have actually made it past those three days, one of which is getting a dog. We were ready for a dog back in New York City, but our management company didn’t allow us to have pets in our apartment. Luckily, our wonderful landlord in Helsinki said yes to a small dog.

As you know, the past six weeks have been quite busy. Not only have I been getting all my paperwork in order, looking for a job, and going to Finnish class (and yes, it is coming along very slowly and will continue that way for quite some time!), I’ve also been looking for a dog! We’ve been monitoring a few websites and checking them almost every day.

About a week ago, we thought we had found the perfect rescue dog from Spain. She was an adorable two-year old short-legged Jack Russell. After submitting the application, we come to find out she already had a home…update your website, people! Well, I guess the little Spanish rescue dog wasn’t meant to be the perfect addition to the Brockmann family. Back to searching I went…

Welcome home, Luna!

Yesterday, as Wife was making brunch, I checked one of the websites I monitored religiously and there she was, the future Luna Brockmann. The cutest looking 4 months terrier mix. That adorable little scruffy dog had to be ours. Long story short, Wife emailed the owner, 30 minutes later, Wife and the owner were on the phone, three hours later…And then there were three…welcome home, Luna!


Nap time!



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