The Move is Officially Complete!

One of my favorite parts about moving is buying new furniture! And we did just that last Wednesday. Wife and I ventured to Ikea…when in Rome, do as the Romans do, right?! After Wife’s morning work meeting, we picked up a cute, box shaped, blue van and made our way to Ikea in Vantaa. We had a list of essential items – ie – mattress, bedframe, bookcase, coffee table, side tables…to name a few. We managed to get most of the things on the list, as well as a few extra things that we saw along the way…

Shopping at Ikea

We had the van for 8 hours and had to make a number of stops before returning the van promptly at 9 pm. Aside from the trip to Ikea, we also had to go buy a flat screen TV and pick up an enormous canvas of New York City (it’s practically the size of our queen bed!) from my cousin-in-law’s flat (yep, already using “flat” instead of “apartment!” It sounds so much more European!).

The fact that it was a rainy Tuesday afternoon in Helsinki didn’t really help matters when loading and unloading the van. But Wife and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work. It took us about an hour to unload every last piece. We were actually able to return the van with plenty of time to spare!

Seven boxes arrived via cargo

On Friday, I went to the airport to pick up our seven boxes from cargo. Everything went so smoothly and as you can see, all seven boxes arrived in great condition! I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Finns. The nice lady at cargo even ordered me a huge taxi that would fit all these boxes so they could make their way to their new Kallio home.

Wife and I have spent the last few days bringing our flat to life and making it feel more like home. We have most of the things we need, but a move is never complete without a second (or third) trip to Ikea…guess what the Brockmanns will be doing this Saturday!?!

Time to study!

In other news, I started intensive Finnish lessons yesterday (or Finnish “experiments”, as online translator likes to refer to them!). With classes three days a week, 2.5 hrs/day, I’m hoping I’ll at least learn basic Finnish and be able to “get by”…or at least to be able to introduce myself! Good thing I already know one of the most important sentences…”Yksi (kaksi, kolme, nelja…) olut, kiitos!” 🙂



  1. Sartenada

    Basics are easy to learn! For example I learned to speak Spanish in two months when I worked there. Well, of course Finnish is more complicated language, but You learn it – it’s sure.

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