Preparations Are Well Underway!!

Week View

As I was preparing to get ready for the move, I knew I had to find the PERFECT iPhone app that wouldn’t let not even one task fall through the cracks. Since my iCal app on my laptop is synced with my Google calendar, I needed a calendar app that would sync my Google calendar, iCal and iPhone perfectly. They all had to be mirror images of one another. After days spent reading reviews and emailing the customer service department at Readdle regarding their Calendars app (I’m sure they regretted the day they responded to my email!) and driving Wife a little crazy, I was convinced that the Calendars app was the perfect one for me! I was right!

I’m ready!

Now, with three short days left until the big move, it’s crunch time and thanks to the Calendars app, we’re right on schedule! Furniture is sold and waiting to be picked up; utilities are scheduled to be canceled; boxes are packed and ready to be taken to JFK cargo; check-in luggage (a total of 250 lbs worth of clothes, shoes, belts, etc!) are ready to go; and carry-on bags packed with our most valuable possessions (our penguin collection – the breakable ones, our champagne wedding flutes, and soon, this very Macbook Pro I’m typing on) are inching their way to the front door.


U.S. Passport Photo Requirement

Finnish Passport Photo Requirement

Aside from packing, we’ve also been preparing for my Finnish resident permit application. The other day, I spent all afternoon trying to get passport photos – Finnish size. Every place I would go to could only do U.S. sized photos! Seriously, U.S. DOES NOT equal universal! With my patience wearing thin but still not willing to give up, I walked into what felt like a photo store from the early 90’s (they still developed 35mm film in an hour!). I handed the photo specifications over to the clerk at the counter expecting him to say they only did U.S. sized passport photos, but when he told me they could make Finnish sized ones, I almost jumped over the counter and hugged him…Finally, my application would be complete! Fingers crossed that all goes well and I get my resident permit!

I wonder how long it’ll take for me to realize I’m not vacationing in Finland, rather LIVING in Finland?!?!

OMG! My next post will be from Helsinki! Stay tuned!



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